Refresh yourself. Empower our community

Our people, the Yolngu, have lived in East Arnhem Land for countless generations. Water has always been at the heart of our culture. It is a symbol of knowledge, and a powerful link to our past. Now we are using water to secure our future.

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Empower Our Community

Our Business

We are packaging pure water from the natural spring on our land at Mandjawuy and plan to sell it across Arnhem Land and around Australia.

This is a majority Yolngu business but we are working together with our Ngapaki partners. We are independent, but we are not alone – yaka gana.

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Our Water

Knowledge Water is sustainably sourced from a rainforest spring in the heart of our homeland community at Mandjawuy in East Arnhem Land. Every year monsoon rains replenish the spring, producing more water than we will ever use.

Our water is soft, sweet and so pure that we can package it in its natural form.

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Treading Lightly

Treading a Little Lighter

In keeping with our deep connection to our land, our pack uses paperboard from FSC certified renewable sources and has one of the lowest lifecycle carbon footprints of all major packaging formats.

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A Factory of Our Own

For the first stage of the Knowledge Water project we are we are packaging our water off-site with our partner, Carton & Co. Funds from this stage will be invested in community building, paying wages for work on our homeland, and funding our school.

But our next goal is to build our own factory so we can create more long-term jobs by bottling our spring water at its source.

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Our Vision

Ngathilyun Nhäma
Dhukarry’warryun yudawu djamarrkuliwu djalkiridalkuma ga djalkirinhirranmi

Vision Statement

Creating a path for future generations to stand independently and walk strong

Thank you to our partners and supporters

  • winc.
  • Carton & Water
  • Northrop
  • Upside Architecture
  • Elevencom
  • Cultivate NT
  • Bite Communications
  • Care Accounting
  • Australian Government
  • Miwatj Employment & Participation Ltd.
  • Aperion Law

Thanks also to our Strategic Advisory Group

Rod Baker, Bhavini Patel, Stephen Maher, Jono McCauley, John McLachlan, Ryan Fallowfield, Phil Baldock, Damian Pincus, George O’Neil, Dan Cotton, Mark Allen, Patrick Allen, Andrea Brydges, Bernie Gore, Peter Neilsen.