Our Dream

The Munyuku Trust

Our family has a long history of producing educational leaders in our region. It was the dream of our late family leader and school principal, Nalwarri Ngurruwutthun, that this business would help revitalise Yolngu education and community wellbeing. We created the Munyuku Trust, a registered charitable trust with DGR status, to help realise this dream.

You can support the work of the Munyuku Trust by buying Knowledge Water. Or you can help us achieve our goals sooner by donating directly. All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible. Let’s do this together. Yaka gana.

Indigenous family leader Nalwarri Ngurruwutthun cuddles Indigenous child on country at Mandjawuy in the Northern Territory
The registered charity logo as issued by the ACNC
The Munyuku trust logo shows 2 wading birds in the water flanking growing plants

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How supporting Munyuku helps

Nalwarri Ngurruwutthun's vision was that the Knowledge Water business would not only generate jobs and economic independence for our community, but also that it would secure the future of our homelands school system and support the training of more Yolngu teachers.

The Munyuku Trust raises funds and receives a share of profits from Knowledge Water with the goal of guaranteeing a full-time teacher at our school, providing additional support for children with extra needs, and providing scholarships for promising Yolngu assistant teachers to further their studies to achieve full tertiary qualifications.

A group of Indigenous people gather on the steps of the schoolhouse at Mandjawuy and a child reads a book about insects
Mandjawuy family leader, teacher and school principal Nalwarri Ngurruwutthun painting on a large canvas

Our programs

We are delivering the Munyuku scholarship program in partnership with Yirrkala Bilingual School and Laynhapuy Homeland School.

The program offers promising Yolngu assistant teachers scholarships to pursue tertiary studies via a tutor based at their school while maintaining their employment and connection to community.

Previously, a similar program provided a pathway for Yolngu people, including the late Dr Mandawuy Yunupingu (of Yothu Yindi fame) and Mandjawuy’s late family Elder, Mrs Nalwarri Ngurruwutthun, to become tertiary qualified teachers and school principals.

The Munyuku Trust aims to give the current generation of budding Yolngu educators a similar opportunity.

The trust is also delivering an important community program aimed at building resilience and wellbeing for the leaders of our Knowledge Water business.

By supporting the Munyuku Trust, you are supporting Yolngu education, Yolngu teachers and Yolngu empowerment. 

A long rectangular painting of Munyuku wanga - the country of the Munyuku clan. This is an Indigenous artwork.

Munyuku Wanga

We belong to the Munyuku clan and this painting shows Munyuku wanga – our country. This is a place where water mixes to create power and knowledge.