Three paperboard FSC certified cartons of Knowledge Water are displayed in front of a closed box with a Knowledge Water logo
Three cartons of Knowledge Water on a timber deck in front of a rainforest spring at the Manjawuy Indigenous Community

Knowledge Water - case of 20 x 500mL

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Knowledge Water is sustainably sourced from a rainforest spring in the heart of our homeland community at Mandjawuy in East Arnhem Land. Every year more than 1420mm of monsoon rain replenishes the spring, producing more water than we will ever use.

Our water is soft, sweet and so pure that we can package it in its natural form.

  • 1 case = 20 x 500mL cartons of Knowledge Water.
  • Further discounts may apply for purchases of 50+ cases, or whole pallet orders (pallet = 92 cases)
  • Please contact us for a yarn about buying in bulk or becoming a reseller
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Knowledge Water currently ships free to:

  • Darwin, NT
  • Melbourne, VIC
  • Sydney, NSW

Shipping surcharges apply (note, these surcharges are based on quantity - the more you buy, the less shipping you pay - rates displayed at checkout) when shipping to:

  • Gosford, NSW
  • Newcastle, NSW
  • Wollongong, NSW
  • Canberra, ACT
  • Brisbane, Qld
  • Gold Coast, Qld

If you wish to purchase from another area, we may be able to accommodate you with a custom shipping charge. Please contact us to enquire.

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Pristine water in a cleaner package

In keeping with our deep connection to our land, our pack is made using paperboard from FSC certified renewable sources (plus a small amount of plant-based plastic) and has one of the lowest lifecycle carbon footprints of all major packaging formats. It is also recyclable, reusable and BPA free.

Montage showing a man being showered with water, a woman walking through the bush and 2 children on a rock looking out to sea

The Knowledge Water story

In our culture, water (or ‘gapu’ in our language) represents the knowledge of the Yolngu.

That knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation to generation. And we still live with that knowledge. It is our connection, our identity, our belief and our law.

In Yolngu culture, where waters meet, knowledge is shared.

Our water source

East Arnhem Land is a pristine wilderness with small communities like ours scattered around while the rest of the country is natural bush which is full of tucker.

A lot of the land is quite flat and there are places where wet season lagoons form. It is places like this where water recharges the aquifer that feeds the Knowledge Water spring.

The local bore in this aquifer can produce a lot of water – much more than we will ever use. It is soft, sweet and so pure that we can package it without changing it chemically.

An aerial image of the rainforest surrounding the spring at the Indigenous community of Mandjawuy in the Northern Territory

Our logo

The tree in our Knowledge Water logo is one of our totems, the Mayku (paperbark tree). It grows in the rainforest at the heart of our land where the fresh spring water comes to the surface. The layers of its bark represent the layers of knowledge.

When we planned the business with our partners, one of our family members, Banul, drew a picture of the tree and that became the logo.

The lines on our packaging are also based on our traditional painting style. These lines represent the pure water from our spring. 

We are proud to share our knowledge and our water with the people of Australia.

A picture of a male wearing a white tshirt showing the Knowledge Water logo above a hand-drawn representation of the logo

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