The Knowledge Water Story

In our culture, water (or ‘gapu’ in our language) represents the knowledge of the Yolngu.

That knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation to generation. And we still live with that knowledge. It is our connection, our identity, our belief and our law.

In Yolngu culture, where waters meet, knowledge is shared.

The Knowledge Water Story

Our Water Source

East Arnhem Land is a pristine wilderness with small communities like ours scattered around while the rest of the country is natural bush which is full of tucker.

A lot of the land is quite flat and there are places where wet season lagoons form. It is places like this where water recharges the aquifer that feeds the Knowledge Water spring.

The local bore in this aquifer can produce a lot of water – much more than we will ever use. It is soft, sweet and so pure that we can package it without changing it chemically.