Our commitment to the evironment

The Yolngu people have been the custodians of East Arnhem Land for countless generations. Our country is sacred and our connection to it is fundamental to our culture.

So, from the beginning of our plans for Knowledge Water, we have been focussed on how to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.

Pristine water in a cleaner package

In keeping with our deep connection to our land, our pack is predominately made from paperboard from FSC certified renewable sources and has one of the lowest lifecycle carbon footprints of all major packaging formats.

The cap is made from plant-based plastic and the carton is re-usable and recyclable (check with your local council for details).

Before being filled, our cartons are transported flat. And even when fully assembled they are lighter and take up less space than traditional plastic bottles, which reduces energy required for transportation.


A sustainable operation

Once completed, our bottling plant and office will be powered by solar energy and battery storage. This clean power 
 will also be used to support our community and our school house.

The waste water from the factory will first help cool our building and then water a banana crop and our native produce 

We also plan to offset our carbon emissions entirely by planting trees on our country.