The Munyuku Trust is a Registered Charity

Munyuku Limited is a registered charitable trust with DGR status which has been created to realise the education and community development goals of the project.
It raises funds and receives a share of profits from Knowledge Water with the goal of guaranteeing adequate funding and a full-time teacher at the Mandjawuy school and providing a pathway for Yolngu assistant teachers to gain full tertiary qualifications.
The trust is also delivering a program aimed at building resilience and wellbeing for the leaders of the business.
Munyuku Limited has already attracted significant philanthropic support and has begun its work. The trust is partnering with the Yirrkala Bilingual School to re-establish a Yolngu teacher-training program for the region.

The Munyuku Education Fund is providing promising Yolngu assistant teachers with scholarships to pursue tertiary studies via a tutor based at the school while maintaining their employment and connection to community.

Previously, a similar program provided a pathway for Yolngu people, including the late Dr Mandawuy Yunupingu (of Yothu Yindi fame) and Mandjawuy’s late family Elder, Mrs Nalwarri Ngurruwutthun, to become tertiary qualified teachers and school principals.

Munyuku Limited aims to give the current generation of budding Yolngu educators a similar opportunity.